FCA hygiene
Our company was founded in July 2006 to develop and provide innovative service and products of disinfection in Greece.

Our mission is to promote new approach to disinfection process, in order to enable our clients to prevent various infections and reduce its frequency.

We provide robotic disinfection service by using latest and most advanced technology called 'Dry Mist diffusion', developed and patented by Gloster Sante Europe LTD (France).

This disinfection technology conforms to CE Biocidal directive (98/8), and to highest European and NATO standards.

Service of disinfection
FCA hygiene professional consult our clients,study their needs and prepare program of required disinfection of the spaces individually for each client.
Our operators perform service of robotic disinfection of spaces of our client according our Contract of disinfection service.
In particular cases training and sales of robot are avalaible.

Operating a revolutionary new effective process of disinfection we are able to provide most advanced and safe disinfection solutions for public and private environments.

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