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Other Certification (North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO)

Gloster Sante Europe is listed as one of the companies that may be consulted by all national defence departments and government bodies in countries participating in the NATO Codification System.
Gloster Sante Europe is registered under the NCAGE company code:

The NCAGE code is a 5 character NATO Commercial and Government Entity code allocated to each company applying for one.

The Sterinis and Sterusil products are, de facto, also listed under the NATO Codification System (NCS), which is a disciplined process by which all items used to supply NATO countries are identified, classified and numbered in a uniform and common manner.

This system was developed by all members of the Atlantic Alliance, but it is also used by other non-NATO countries sponsored by the system.

Norms and Certifications

AFNOR NF T 72-281
(Bi-active: Composed of two active molecules, thus avoiding the risk of germs developing resistance.
No corrosive, no toxic. Biodegradable 99,99 %)

CONFORM TO THE CE DIRECTIVE  CE 98/8 (biocidal norm)

Directives CE:        Unified Standards:
73/23/CE                NF EN 55011,  NF EN 55022,  NF EN 61000-4-2,  NF EN 61000-4-3
98/68/CE                NF EN 61000-4-4,  NF EN 61000-4-5,  NF EN 61000-4-6,  NF EN 61000-4-11
89/336/CE              NF EN 610335-1, NF EN 610335-2-98

Unified Standards and AFNOR:
AFNOR:  NF EN 1040,  NF EN 1276,  NF T 72-190,  NF T 72-300,  NF EN 1275,  NF T 72-230,  NF T 72-180

Gloster Sante Europe company certifications
Gloster Sante Europe company is certified by the SGS YERSLEY, organization accredited UKAS for the certificates