Most effective, advanced and save disinfection technology.
A unique patented robot of dry mist diffusion
'Dry Mist' technology guarantees massive destruction of micro-organisms by bringing the diffused disinfectant
into contact with all air-spaces and surfaces present thanks to combination of the two phenomena:


Dual action:
Substance: Hydrogen peroxide H2O2
Silver cations
< 50 ppm

Oxidizes the membrane and cellular structures of the germs (hydrogen peroxide)

Weakens the membrane by cationic action and inhibits protein synthesis by attaching itself to cytoplasm synthesis structures

Stabilizer: Ortho-phosphoric acid
< 50 ppm
Excipient: Sterile water
Why Sterinis® and Sterusil®?

  • Sterinis®/Sterusil® process is new and most advanced method of disinfection.
  • Sterinis® is unique patented dry mist diffusion robot.
  • Sterusil® is non-corrosive disinfectant (by dry mist technology it's being spread in micro particles and do not cause moisture).
  • Ecologic and fully biodegradable (99, 99 %) Sterusil® is not toxic; its formula does not contain formaldehydes.
  • It is unique dry mist disinfection processes that enables total decontamination of spaces and surfaces treated; even those are difficult to reach by any other way of disinfection.
  • It has ISO, NATO and other certifications, complies with CE Biocidal directive.
  • Its efficiency is proven by number of specialized studies as highly virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal action.
  • It saves time and protects from human failure, because it is fully robotic disinfection process.
  • After disinfection with Sterinis®/ Sterusil® no drying and cleaning from disinfectant is needed.
  • It removes smell of cigarettes (from furniture and fabrics, carpets, etc.).
  • Unique total disinfection method that saves much time (treated space is totally decontaminated and accessible after 2 hours).


          Sterinis® and Sterusil® are products of GLOSTER SANTE EUROPE (France)

The system developed by Gloster Sante Europe produces an aerosol-type mist (droplets between 8µ and 12µ),
with electrically charged droplets, which allows their aggregation on germs.
It is the characteristic that very small droplets have of sticking in clusters of any germs presented on surfaces and air space, thereby achieving a high rate of disinfection.
A disinfectant meeting all standards:

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